Fueling Future Growth for Companies with Powerful Ideas and Transformative Products

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From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Ideation Genesis works with companies to explore, grow, and expand new products and services.

Our speciality: we provide compelling ideas and targeted solutions for our clients. As an idea consultancy, we take on the gamut of business challenges and innovation processes, including ideation, invention, research, design, development, and delivery. We specialize in forging strong business relationships and in providing new insights, overcoming challenges, identifying opportunities, generating ideas, mapping out strategies, and creating market-ready products and services. From creativity to commercial objectivity, we innovate compelling propositions for our clients.

Our clients operate in a wealth of diverse industries: from banking to music, automotive products to engineered devices, and renewable energy to product development firms, the following clients have utilized our expertise and services:

  1. BulletAlcoa

  2. shapeimage_6_link_15Staples

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  4. shapeimage_5_link_0Gucci Group

  5. shapeimage_5_link_1Magna International Inc.

  6. shapeimage_5_link_2Warner Music Group

  7. shapeimage_5_link_3Siemens AG

  8. shapeimage_5_link_4OppenheimerFunds, Inc.

  9. shapeimage_5_link_5Streamline Interactive

  1. shapeimage_5_link_6Domani

  2. shapeimage_5_link_7Bank of America

  3. shapeimage_5_link_8Kraft

  4. shapeimage_5_link_9Fahrenheit 212

  5. shapeimage_5_link_10Tecknowledgey, Inc.

  6. shapeimage_5_link_11Big Idea Group

  7. shapeimage_5_link_12Evergreen IP

  8. shapeimage_5_link_13Innocentive

  9. shapeimage_5_link_14The Healing Center

Client Results: How we work with our clients:  a multi-pronged approach.


  1. Created new consumer products and product innovations

  2. Designed green building products reinforced with research/positioning

  3. Developed concepts in advanced entertainment systems

  4. Shaped new brand differentiation and packaging ideas in beverages

  5. Generated new retail and consumer experiences in mobile music

  6. Introduced a new consumer brand and associated product


  1. Developed new consumer business services in luxury retail

  2. Matched technology with unmet market needs

  3. Articulated innovation in green and clean renewable energy

  4. Created and delivered customer centric propositions

  5. Identified insights and marketing campaigns in financial services

  6. Devised commercial strategies and products in confectionaries


  1. Engineered electrical connectors and hardware components

  2. Developed sustainable construction and building products

  3. Modeled and prototyped consumer goods for manufacturing

  4. Designed the manufacture of residential water conservation products

  5. Designed and created new modular/portable structures


Client Relationships